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Anonymous asked:

Are you going to Midwest Media Expo on April 25-27 this month? It's at the Renaissance Center in Detroit and is being put on by the same people that put on Youmacon.

Sadly no we are not. I heard a bit about that Con, sounded like fun. I’ll be coming home from vacation literally that day, so no to that one.


The month of May, there are conventions being attended!

May 10th - Anime park
We get to be involved and do another panel here this year! Very excited.

May 16, 17th, 18th -Motor City Comic con

May 22nd - 25th -Anime North
-Another Stephanie
This is our first year at this con! So that is very exciting to us!

Good News and a quick Update

May 10th, 2014

Cosplayersofoblivion will be hosting another panel at anime park 2014! WOOOH

More details will come as we get closer ((Meaning I’m still planning everything out and the con and I are still discussing))

But never the less! The panel is happening and I am very excited!


Certain cosplays for myself and Lindsay have been worked on and finished!

Tony and Pepper: New outfits have been bought for them. A suit for Tony and a more professional attire fore Pepper as well.

Bruce Banner: I Now have the outfit I need for Bruce, the only thing i missing are glasses I can wear. Besides thought Bruce is done and this makes me excited~

Also: Due to my new found interest in Supernatural, and the long drawn out process of Lindsay and I getting through season 1. ((Mostly because I end up falling asleep, because we feel the need to watch this at like 2:00am)) A Sam Winchester Cosplay is in the works. Dean for Lindsay.


Anonymous asked:

Since you have a work-in-progress Nick cosplay, I actually have a question. I'm looking for the white coat/blazer you have, and I was wondering where you've got it. Any advice/suggestions is greatly appreciated, thank you! :)

Thank you for the question first off~

We got the nick suit from thrift stores! They are cheaper then a real suit, a real suit white suit would be in the 100s if you wanted one.

Thrift store is much cheaper and you might have to go to a couple different because you want the color to match. We bought the jacket and pants separately but made sure the color matches so you don’t look off set.

A lot of our cosplay you see displayed in this tumblr, piece were bought at the thrift store.

I hope this was helpful to you~
If you have anymore questions please feel free to ask! :)


Pepper: Tony we have work to do, put the camera down
Tony: No no, this will be fun lighten up Pepper.

Pepper Potts: Steph
Tony Stark: Lindsay

Late night cosplay fun.

We went shopping yesterday for the final pieces to our Iron man cosplays. Then found it to be a good idea to try them on at 1:00 am

I was lazy and didn’t do Lindsay’s Tony beard make up. So we have a clean shaven tony

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